Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga - Stig Albansson

Online Classes in Kum Nye Yoga whole autumn!

Want to enjoy doing something for yourself without leaving your home?

Now you can, online classes with Kum Nye has started again.
This time will the classes be given in English and/or in Swedish,
depending on the needs of the participants.

More info here.

Dags igen för Kum Nye Online!

Vill du göra en lugn, meditativ yoga i grupp utan att lämna ditt hem? Nu kan du det!

Höstens drop-in klasser har startat, och det går bra att ansluta.
De kommer pågå till julveckan, och du behöver ingen förkunskap.

Beroende på deltagarnas behov kommer klasserna att ges på svenska, och/eller engelska.

Mer info på denna sida.

Stig is leading the group in a well-organized and structured but also empathic and humble way

His long experience show itself in the grounded and stable feeling he is coming from. His long experience is sensed in the down to earth, grounded feeling in the sessions. It creates a sense of trust that allows you to go deeper into your own unfolding experiences. Stig gives guidelines and recommendations but there are no demands of accomplishment. This means that the process can develop in a way which suits one´s current shape and helps in working with whatever one encounters at the moment.

Patrik Lilja, member of the practice group in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Ways to Work With Me

Online Training

Drop in online classes was given during summer, and will start again in September.


Regular Kum Nye Practice Groups meets in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Would you like to arrange a workshop where you live? Please contact me so we can see what we can work out.

Interested? Send a message!