Kum Nye Yoga - Online Stig Albansson

Online Classes in Kum Nye Yoga have started!

Want to enjoy doing something for yourself without leaving your home? Now you can, online classes with Kum Nye has started. For the moment in Swedish, English classes will follow.

“Stig is leading the group in a structured and well planned way. And he is also attuned to the group and has a humble way leading.”

His long experience show itself in the grounded and stable feeling he is coming from. This creates a safety to go into one own experience and body. We get guidelines and recommendations, but there is no pressure of accomplishments or achievements. This gives the possibilty for the precess to develop in a way that fits the state we are in, and meet what is present in the body for the moment.

Patrik Lilja, member of the practice group in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Ways to Work With Me

Online Training

Drop in online classes have started. Deeper training in Kum Nye Yoga is planned.


Regular Kum Nye Practice Groups meets in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Would you like to arrange a workshop where you live? Please contact me so we can see what we can work out.

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